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  • Jun 2, 2024
    Hospital Multispecialty Hospital

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals Hosts Cyclothon to Commemorate No Tobacco Day Chennai, June 2, 2024 - On June 2, 2024, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital organized a Cyclothon to observe "World No Tobacco Day." The event aimed to support public health and raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use.

    Dr. TG Govindarajan, the Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, flagged off the Cyclothon at 6:00 AM. Esteemed members of the hospital's leadership team, including Director Dr. Jayanthi Govindarajan, Director Dr. TG Sivaranjani, Advisor Dr. KM Radhakrishnan, and Vice President Mr. Leo Malise Vincent Jeyaraj presided over the event.

    The Cyclothon commenced at Hospital Pallikaranai and concluded at the newly opened branch at Siruseri, bringing together health enthusiasts and the general public to stand against tobacco use. Participants cycled from Pallikaranai to Siruseri, spreading the message of a tobacco-free life and the importance of healthier lifestyle choices. Dr. TG Govindarajan stated, "World No Tobacco Day" serves as a reminder of the serious health risks associated with tobacco use. Through this Cyclothon, we advocate for a healthier lifestyle and emphasize the significance of quitting smoking for good. Tobacco-related diseases are preventable, and it is crucial to continue educating and encouraging our community to make better health choices.

    The use of tobacco is a major cause of preventable diseases and deaths globally. It is associated with various health problems, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory issues, and negative effects on pregnancy. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital urges people to quit smoking and adopt healthier alternatives for better well-being. The hospital organized a Cyclothon to promote smoking cessation and encourage an active lifestyle, aiming for a tobacco-free world. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is a top group of hospitals in Chennai, with branches in Pallikaranai, Medavakkam, and Adyar. Each branch is committed to providing high-quality medical care, with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of qualified experts to ensure exceptional patient care.

  • Mar 24, 2024
    Hospital Multispecialty Hospital

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, known for its unwavering commitment to superior healthcare, has announced the grand opening of its latest branch near Siruseri on OMR opposite SIPCOT. The opening of this center at Siruseri is yet another milestone in this mission. Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Founder and Chairman of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, addressed the gathering.

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, known for its unwavering commitment to superior healthcare, has announced the grand opening of its latest branch near Siruseri on OMR opposite SIPCOT. At the grand inauguration ceremony, Mr. Suresh Raman, Vice President and Regional Head (Chennai) of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was the Guest of Honour. Esteemed dignitaries were present at the event, including Mr. Anwar Hussain, Chairman of Madharsha; Ms. Niroopa Paulson, Chennai Branch Safety Head, TCS; Mr. Venkataraman, Deputy HR Head, TCS; Mr. Aravind, Operations Head (BFSI/APAC), TCS; Col. Ashok Subramanian, Chennai Admin Head, TCS; and Mr. C.R. Raju, the Chief Architect of the building. Their presence underscored the significance of this milestone in Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital's journey so far. According to the press release, this 80-bed hospital offers comprehensive healthcare solutions. It provides round-the-clock multispecialty services using the latest technological advancements. Patients can avail of an extensive array of services, including consultations across multiple specialities, advanced diagnostic imaging (MRI, X-ray, USG, CT, ECG, ECHO, TMT, PFT), Cathlab, Clinical laboratory analyses, Pharmacy services, Physiotherapy, Endoscopy, and swift ambulance assistance, available 24/7. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals offers an impressive spectrum of specialties, spanning Cardiology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Infertility, Psychiatry, Neurology, Oncology, Preventive Medicine, Urology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and various other super and surgical specialties. In the words of the company spokesperson, ''Our Hospital's integrated approach to healthcare encompasses prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, empowering patients to live the healthiest life possible. We are committed to delivering the ultimate quality of health care with the utmost excellence and personal care. The opening of this centre at Siruseri is yet another milestone in this mission.'' Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Founder and Chairman of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, addressed the gathering. He reiterated the hospital's commitment to fostering an environment of inclusivity and compassion. ''Beyond our clinical expertise lies a dedication to providing unwavering support and care to our patients and their families. From our cutting-edge facilities to our compassionate staff, we are dedicated to surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks in healthcare excellence,'' he affirmed. Dr. T.G. Govindarajan concluded by saying, "The opening of the Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital branch at Siruseri heralds a new chapter in the saga of healthcare excellence, promising a future where innovation and compassion intertwine to sculpt healthier, happier lives.'' For more details on Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Group of Hospitals, visit www.drkmh.com.

  • Nov 17, 2023
    paediatric child care

    To emphasize the need for individualized support to neurodivergent children, The Child Development Centre, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital Pvt Ltd conducted a program "Celebrating children with Neurodivergence" targeting parents and extended family members of children with neurodivergence on 17.11.2023, Friday. The programme was presided by Dr. T.G. Govindarajan - the Founder, Medical director, and Chairman; and Directors Dr. Jayanthi Govindarajan and Dr. Sivaranjani Govindarajan. The scientific sessions included topics explaining how neurodivergence is a growing challenge today and the role of effective parenting, self-regulation, and communication in the upbringing of these children. This was followed by a Panel Discussion with experts and an Open Q&A session for answering the queries of the assembled parents.

    Dr. T.G. Shivaranjani Director, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, in her inaugural address welcomed the speakers, dignitaries and the parents in the gathering and said "It gives us great pleasure to host this seminar which we hope will greatly benefit the parents who are attending this session. The session would also offer new insights in dealing with children with Autism. I am sure awareness programs like these would go a lot of way to creative inclusiveness of children with neurodivergence and sensitize the public while dealing with these children ".

    Dr. Rajeswari N, Chief consultant and head of Pediatrics and CDC explained "Judy Singer, a sociologist, coined the term neurodiversity in 1997, to describe the natural variation in how people's brain works. Neurodivergence is the difference in thinking, learning and behavior that fall outside what is considered "normal" or neurotypical. Neurodivergence includes Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Dyslexia and Tourette syndrome, among others. Children with Autism have deficits in social and communication skills. Children with ADHD have inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity as core features and children with dyslexia have difficulty in reading and decreased phonological awareness. The prevalence of such neurodivergent conditions has increased in the past 2 decades. One in 6 children are neurodivergent, 1 in 36 children have Autism, 10% of children aged 6 to 10 years have ADHD and 1 in 10 people have dyslexia. These children have sensory issues and can "melt down" in social gatherings with a lot of noise, light, and crowds. 30% of children with Autism have fits".

    Dr. Rajeswari added "These children also have unique strengths. They stay focused on their topic of interest and can give innovative solutions to complex challenges. Some children have strong skills in music, art science and technology. Such talent can be nurtured with early intervention and adequate support from parents and schools."

    Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Chairman and MD, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital remarked "Inclusive schools should have sensory rooms to handle "melt down," special educators and therapists for providing Individualized educational program for these children. The importance of support groups and systems for neurodivergent children and their parents is necessary".

    The program concluded with the resolution to join hands to celebrate, accept and embrace children with Neurodivergence and integrate them with society.

    For more details, visit: www.drkmh.com

  • Sep 24, 2023

    Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Chennai Launches Parkinson's Support Group for Holistic Patient Care Expert-led multidisciplinary approach to enhance quality of life for Parkinson's patients.

    In a significant step towards providing comprehensive care for individuals battling Parkinson's disease, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Pallikaranai, Chennai announced the launch of the Parkinson's Support Group. Parkinson's, a chronic neurodegenerative disorder, affects a considerable segment of the elderly population in India, with an incidence rate of 80 people per one lakh. Dr Rajeswari Ramachandran, a senior Neurologist has stressed that "Recognizing the progressive nature of this condition, early intervention through a multidisciplinary approach is crucial."

    The launch event for the Parkinson's Support Group took place at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, on September 17th 2023, in the august presence of several experts in the field which included Neurologists, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech therapist and was followed by with a Q&A session with the invitees. Dr.TG Sivaranjani, Director- Finance & Operations along with the Chairman Dr Govindarajan had graced the occasion as the Chief Guests for the function.

    Dr Praveen Chander, Consultant Neurologist has pointed out that while medication remains a primary component of managing Parkinson's symptoms, there exists a critical need for additional therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy to ensure optimal quality of life. Dr Vidhya Mohandas Senior Psychiatrist has added that addressing comorbid conditions like depression and anxiety, which affect up to 30% of Parkinson's patients, is equally vital for improved outcomes.

    The Parkinson's Support Group at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital brings together a team of experts specializing in Neurology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physiotherapy. This collaborative effort aims to provide patients and caregivers with a platform to seek clarity on both pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects of Parkinson's management. The power of shared experiences cannot be understated and patients sharing personal insights can profoundly impact the journey of others within the group.

    The event also featured a special yoga demonstration by Mrs. Ramya, Administrative Officer, and a specialist in the field, showcasing the potential benefits of yoga in the management of Parkinson's symptoms. It was also highlighted that according to Yoga International, the most helpful exercises for Parkinson patients typically involve seated and assisted posture and the fact that including music and rhythm into Yoga is most beneficial. Yoga helps to improve their endurance, strength and movement co-ordination.

    The group meetings, scheduled once every 3 months, serve as forums for analysis and discussion. Among the key topics to be covered are specific exercises designed to improve balance and tremors, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life and functioning of Parkinson's patients. Additionally, participants will be introduced to various assisted devices that can significantly augment their well-being.

    Individuals interested in joining this support group can contact 7824821206 for further information. It is important to note that there is no fee associated with the process. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is committed to ensuring that Parkinson's patients receive the comprehensive care and support they deserve on their journey towards improved health and well-being.

  • Mar 29, 2023
    Radiation Oncology

    Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Pallikaranai

    In connection with World Colon cancer Awareness month- March 2023, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital held a three-day awareness program on three major actionable areas titled " Preventable, Treatable, and Beatable " on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of March 2023.

    According to the press release, this awareness program focused on colon cancer which is now very prevalent among the population, and how simple and effective preventive measures can help contain the same. As per ICMR 2022 report, in India, the annual incidence rates (AARs) for colon cancer and rectal cancer in men are 4.4 and 4.1 per 100000, respectively. The AAR for colon cancer in women is 3.9 per 100000. Colon cancer ranks 8th and rectal cancer ranks 9th among men. Colon Cancer is also the third most diagnosed cancer in males and the second in females, with more than 1.4 million new cancer cases yearly, according to the National Institute of Health 2017 report. During the three-day program, Dr. Adarsh Surendranath - Consultant Medical Gastroenterology Dr.KMH, elaborated on the symptoms of colon cancer, Dr. Raj Kumar Rathanasamy. - Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology explained the surgical treatment process and its benefits, and Dr. Joseph Dominic - a Medical Oncologist, explained how even a 4th stage colon cancer could be treated fully, which could provide hope to many. The three-day awareness session had a full-day information center where patients and the public could approach and seek answers to their questions. 20 Counters exhibiting homemade GUT healthy food, which could be one of the best medicines for colon cancer, were available for consumption by the patients and the public to sample and take tips. Close to 500 members availed of this facility.

    The importance of lack of exercise as a health hazard was emphasized, and consultants' relay running race sought to highlight this. This was complemented by a GUT healthy Yoga session by Ms. Ramya V, a veteran Yoga practitioner and Administrative Officer at Dr.KMH, who demonstrated and explained various asanas relevant to GUT health and digestion, completing the three main facets of colon cancer awareness. Dr. T.G Govindarajan - Founder, President, and Managing Director of DR.KMH, mentioned, "In today's fast-paced world, the copious intake of readymade food and junk food with preservatives and harmful content has accelerated the prevalence of colon cancer. Returning to our roots and eating healthy homemade food with fiber intake, adequate exercise, and good sleep is essential. Avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol would also go a long way in preventing cancers. " The awareness program concluded with a closing event where the hospital management recognized all the participants.

  • Feb 26, 2023
    Radiation Oncology

    February 4 is celebrated across the globe as World Cancer Day. The day is marked out to remember the progress being made in cancer research, to spread awareness on cancer care, to celebrate those who have fearlessly fought and survived the disease, to honour the memories of those who lost the battle, and to applaud the bravehearts fighting the disease even as we speak.

    World Cancer Day was conceived in 2000 at the World Summit Against Cancer (Paris). It is an initiative by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The idea is to encourage cancer research, spread awareness and advocate initiatives that unite the global community to reduce the global cancer burden.

    Says Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Chairman & Managing Director, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, "By 2040, the global burden is expected to grow to 27.5 million new cancer cases and 16.3 million cancer deaths simply due to the growth and ageing of the population. The only way to fight the numbers is through early detection and screening. This marathon is a initiative to spread awareness in this direction".

    In keeping with the spirit of World Cancer Day, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai (Chennai) conducted a marathon on February 26 2023. The event was inaugurated by Mr. R Albin Raj, Inspector of Police - Law & Order, Pallikarnai Police Station in the presence of Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Chairman & Managing Director - Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Group of Hospitals.

    Says Dr. T.G. Sivaranjani Director "The goal of the event was to spread awareness of cancer care and treatment among the general public. Close to 450 people participated in the marathon, including several senior doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and others. It was definitely heartening to see the turnout for the marathon which was also supported by Decathlon with medals and certificates besides providing volunteers.

  • Jan 29, 2023
    Radiation Oncology

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Pallikaranai conducted a Cyclothon to spread awareness about Cervical Cancer, early screening and timely vaccination on Jan 29, 2023. The Cyclothon which started at 6 am was flagged off by Mr. Anandakumar, Additional Deputy Commissioner - CCB. The Cyclothon commenced from the hospital to Pallavaram bridge and back covering a total of 16 kms. Dr. T.G. Govindarajan Chairman & Managing Director, Director Dr. Jayanthi, Director Dr. T.G. Sivaranjani and Advisor Dr. K.M. Radhakrishanan participated in this event.

    Dr. T.G. Govindarajan on start of the event said "Cervical cancer is a public health problem in developing countries like India, so much so that India alone accounts for one-quarter of the worldwide burden of cervical cancers. Cervical cancer accounts for 17% of all cancer deaths among women aged between 30 and 69 years. It is estimated that cervical cancer will occur in approximately 1 in 53 Indian women during their lifetime compared with 1 in 100 women in more developed regions of the world. Around 453 million Indian women aged 15 years and above are at risk of developing cancer. Current data indicates that cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among females in the country. Low age at marriage, early age at first intercourse, higher parity raises the risk of HPV acquisition among Indian women. Aligned to this year's theme for Cervical Cancer 'Get informed, get screened, get vaccinated'. We conduct regular awareness programs for Cervical cancer, promote Pap smear screening and HPV Vaccination in our institution".

    Dr. T.G. Sivaranjani who spoke on the occasion added "Although the burden of cervical cancer is increasing largely in the country, deaths can be prevented if it is screened at early stages. Screening for cancer is known to reduce mortality by early detection and treatment. Most cervical cancer cases are linked to infection with high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV). When diagnosed, cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable forms of cancer, as long as it is detected early and managed effectively. Cancers diagnosed in late stages can also be controlled with appropriate treatment and palliative care. With a comprehensive approach to prevent, screen, and treat, we can end cervical cancer as a public health problem within a few generations. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that the HPV vaccine be given to girls and boys between ages 9 and 14 receive two doses of HPV vaccine at least six months apart. Research has shown that the two-dose schedule is effective for children under 15. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It was a good opportunity for us to raise awareness about cervical cancer, screening and HPV vaccination".

  • Oct 29, 2022

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Pallikaranai conducted a Walkathon on Nov 9, 2022 from their Hospital in Pallikaranai to highlight the awareness of Stroke among the general public. The Walkathon was inaugurated by Mr. N. Kumar, TPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Tambaram city in the presence of Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Group of Hospitals. Around 50 members participated enthusiastically in the event which included Senior Doctors, specialists, Nurses, paramedical staff among others. Also, participating in the Walkathon were Dr. T.G. Sivaranjani - Director and Dr. K.M. Radhakrishnan - Advisor.

    Senior Neurologists Dr. Rajeshwari Ramachandran and Dr. Praveen Chander who also participated pointed out that, "According to the National Library of Medicine (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) The burden of stroke is increasing in India. Stroke is now the fourth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of disability. Previous research suggests that the estimated adjusted prevalence rate of stroke range 84- 262/100,000 in rural and 334-424/100,000 in urban areas. The incidence rate is 119-145/100,000 based on the recent population-based studies. According to a study by healthdata.org, the cause of death on account of Stroke had increased from 2009 to 2019 by 28.4%. There is therefore a crying need to educate and spread awareness among the public on this subject."

    Speaking about the event and stroke awareness in general, Dr. T.G. Govindarajan said, "October 29th is observed as world stroke day every year. Stroke is one among the leading cause of disability worldwide and it is also the one among the top common causes for death among the elderly. Stroke is said to occur when the blood flow to the brain stops suddenly either due to a blockage or due to leakage. In either case, it is an emergency and needs to be attended immediately. Stroke symptoms are being underrecognized and are unattended when compared to its counterpart cardiac symptoms for which a high level of awareness is there. The need of the hour is built AWARENESS of Stroke, its symptoms and the immediate assistance during the Golden Hour which can save many lives. This Walkathon is a attempt in that direction and I hope this message reached the public at large."

  • Sep 24, 2022
    Radiation Oncology

    AROI's 37th Annual Conference of Radiation Oncologists (AROICON 2022)

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals hosted the conference with 'Strategic Science of Radiation Oncology as the theme on Sep. 24th & 25th.

    Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals in collaboration with the Association of Radiation Oncologists in India, hosted AROICON 2022, the 37th annual conference TN & PY Chapter at ITC Grand Chola on September 24th & 25th with the theme "Strategic Science of Radiation Oncology". The event was graced by the Chief Guest, Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, Chair, AROI, who released the Souvenir and gave the inaugural address in the presence of other dignitaries

    The organizing board from Dr. KMH includes the hospital's Founder and Chairman, Dr.T. G. Govindarajan who has dedicated the last twenty years towards building a cancer care unit that caters to patients of all economical strata. Also on the organizing board are Dr. KMHs Chief Radiation Oncologist Dr. Surendran J and the Director of Operations & Finance Dr. T. G. Sivaranjani Govindarajan. They are joined by the AROI TN-PY Chapter President Dr. S Alex A Prasad, Secretary Dr. Saritha Damodaran, and other core members. Amongst the key speakers at the main event is Dr. Sarat Chander, MD, FRANZCR from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. His technical expertise lies in Brachytherapy and Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Liver, Spine, and Bone metastasis.

    Says their Organizing Chairperson Dr. T.G. Sivaranjani, "AROICON 2022 aims at sharing knowledge on the recent developments in the treatment of cancer through radiation therapy in this conference. This also includes a special preconference workshop held on September 23rd in Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) a deep inspiration breath-hold a technique that improves precision in treating cancers of the Breast, Lungs, and Liver through radiation therapy. More than 300 delegates from all over India and Abroad are attending this conference which spans 20 sessions for two days."

    Adds their Organizing Chief Patron Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, "Dr. KMH has been providing complete cancer care since 2000 and has since treated hundreds of patients through radiation therapy. We have the largest number of visiting radiation oncologists treating cancer at all sites using radiotherapy. Dr. KMH has hosted four other international medical conferences including AROI-ESTRO, IBS, and 2 Physics Symposiums. In 2021, The Radiation Oncology department at Dr. KMH received an upgrade with Elekta Infinity that comes built-in with various features to enhance the precision and intensity of radiation doses. This makes Dr. KMH a suitable host for the 37th AROICON 2022 annual conference, which took place on September 24 & 25, 2022."

    About Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Chennai

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals is a 300 bedded tertiary health care provider located at Pallikaranai in South Chennai, committed to a higher objective of delivering quality health care with utmost excellence and personal care. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals is also a nationally recognized forerunner and one of the premier institutions in providing Cancer and Cardiac care. It houses highly educated scholars across all specialties who are globally trained and equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure to deliver holistic medical service across the clock, around the year.

  • Jun 19, 2022
    Hospital Multispecialty Center

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals has opened another multispeciality facility in Shastri Nagar. According to a press release, it is the fourth centre in Chennai after Pallikaranai, Medavakkam and Pallavaram. The hospital's chairman Dr. T.G. Govindarajan says: "It is a 24/7 centre. Ambulances, pharmacy and laboratories are available. The hospital also offers the service of collecting samples from home. Likewise, care for elders is offered at their doorsteps as part of treatment for select ailments." The speciality includes cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, general medicine, orthopaedics, dermatology, cancer and some more, adds the release.

    For details, call 89392 37775.

  • Jun 9, 2022
    goldmedalist goldmedal

    According to the press release from Dr Kamakshi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Dr Maria Susan Abraham, student of DNB Family Medicine 2020 Batch from Dr Kamakshi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research has been declared a Gold Medalist among the list of Gold Medalists released for the 21st Convocation of National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

    Says their spokesperson "Maria Susan Abraham, daughter of Abraham N Mathew was a bright student amongst the students pursuing DNB Family Medicine at Dr Kamakshi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (KIMSR) Pallikaranai Chennai which is a premier institute committed to academic excellence. KIMSR was established in the year 2010 by Dr TG Govindarajan, Chairman of Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals with a vision of generating qualified human resources for the healthcare industry."

    As per the institute's website www.kmhinstitute.com and the sources within the institute, KIMSR is affiliated with The Tamil Nadu Dr M. G. R Medical University under the Allied Health Sciences stream. The courses offered range from B.Sc Radiography and Imaging Technology (RIT), B.Sc Radiotherapy technology (RTT) and B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT). The RIT and RTT courses are duly approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Govt. of India, which enables students to be accepted for work across India.

    The institute also offers Diploma in National board courses (DNB, 2011) on Radiodiagnosis and Family medicine, besides implant training, short-term and long-term training programs for Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Medical physics students of various other institutions and colleges in and around Chennai. Recently, KIMSR started M.Sc., Radiology and Imaging Technology course under The Tamil Nadu Dr M.G.R Medical University, and many more such courses are in the pipeline. Similarly, few more DNB courses are planned shortly on rare specialities.

    According to Dr TG Govindarajan, "The institute has the unique distinction of placing its students in the Health Care sector both in India and Abroad. The institute is an additional facility of Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2005 as a centre for excellence in Health Care. The hospital is a 300 bedded Multi Super Specialty facility at Pallikaranai, situated in the southern part of Chennai, spread over 60 grounds land and 75000 square ft. building area with world-class facilities and state of art equipment that provide hands-on experience to students of KIMSR who come out well equipped for jobs in the burgeoning Health Care Sector across the world."

    For more details, visit: www.kmhinstitute.com and www.drkmh.com

  • Feb 4, 2022
    oncology cancer treatment

    'CLOSE THE CARE GAP' was the theme of World Cancer Day 2022, celebrated each year on February 4th. The theme signifies the need to spread awareness on cancer and available treatment modalities, while also making treatment accessible to more patients. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital was established in 2005, and this year's theme resonates with the hospital's motto of providing quality cancer care to everyone.

    World Cancer Day was celebrated on the premises - jointly organised by the Radiation Oncology department and the division of Medical Physics. Dr. Surendran J, Senior Consultant - Radiation Oncology welcomed the chief guests and the event itself was presided over by Dr. KMH's Chairman and Founder Dr. TG Govindarajan. He inaugurated the event and also released a booklet called Radiation Oncology Booklet which is written by Prof. K Thayalan - Head of the Medical Physics Department at Dr. KMH. In his address, Dr. TG Govindarajan stated that the booklet would answer any query that might arise in the mind of patients currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment for cancer, but will also prove beneficial to anyone who needs clarity on cancer and its treatment. He also mentioned the importance of a healthy diet and regular workout to patients undergoing cancer treatment. In a bid to reflect the theme of bridging the gap in cancer care, this informative booklet will be handed out to every patient receiving cancer treatment at the hospital this year.

    Radiation Oncology Booklet is available in English and in Tamil, in order to ensure that the information is available to every patient that walks in to Dr. KMH for treatment. The booklet contains 100 frequently asked questions about cancer - causes, symptoms, risks, do's and don't's and treatment options. The booklet aims to educate patients on the benefits of currently available cancer treatment modalities.

    Other dignitaries present at the event were Dr. TGG Sivaranjini (Financial Director), Dr. TS Swaminathan (Head - Radiology & Imaging Sciences), Dr. KM Radhakrishnan (Advisor), Ms Ramya (Administrative Officer), Dr. Karthikeyan Perumal, Mrs. Sidonai Valas and Dr. Usharani. Several patients were also present and were more than happy to interact with Dr. TG Govindarajan during the event.

  • Feb 10, 2022

    When COVID 19 strikes hard, it's not easy to come back un-maimed. 27 year old Sravankumar was admitted to Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital in June 2021 with severe COVID 19 infection and co-existing prediabetes. He had initially been treated at his hometown, but given the severity of the infection he was brought to Dr. KMH. His symptoms indicated a black fungus infection as well, which was confirmed with a biopsy. It was a case of Highly Invasive Mucormycosis that had to be treated with urgency as it was life-threatening.

    A multidisciplinary team of expert doctors comprising of Infectious Disease Specialist, Nephrologist, Ophthalmologist, Oro-Faciomaxillary Surgeon, Endocrinologist, ENT Specialist alongwith the Physiotherapy and Intensive Care team under the able guidance of Medical Superintendent was immediately put together to gauge the situation and work out the best possible way to proceed. Contrast enhanced CT (CECT) and MRI FACIAL Bone with brain showed the spread of Mucormycosis into complete left half of his face involving 3/4th upper jaw, left orbital/ eyeball muscles with orbital apex, left Brain cavernous sinus and left Masticatory facial muscle spaces. Due to the highly invasive pattern and vascular spread of the fungal infection it was evident that the surgery would leave the patient with considerable facial disfigurement - but it was the only way to save his life. Sravankumar was made to understand the situation by specialized counselors before he was taken into surgery. Most of his upper jaw and all of his left facial bones along with the floor of his eyeball were removed.

    However, four weeks after the procedure CECT and MRI showed that the infection had spread to the rest of the left side of his face including the eye. The doctors recommended an immediate surgery but this meant Sravankumar would lose the entire left side of his face. With no other option, upon the consent of Sravankumar, the second salvage surgery was performed. During the second procedure the rest of his upper jaw and left orbital exenteration (eyeball removal) was done.

    Post procedure the patient was kept under observation with IV antifungals for another 4 to 6 weeks under the close monitoring of the MDT. Repeat CECT & MRI suggested an arrest in the spread of infection by the month of August. Sravankumar eventually recovered completely from the black fungus infection but had sustained major morbidity - he had lost one entire side of his face. He could barely talk and had extreme difficulty in eating as well. It was definitely heart-breaking to see Sravankumar suffer this way in the prime of his life. With one side of his face practically flattened, the emotional trauma was perceptible. He had survived a severe COVID infection and a fatal Black Fungus infection, but the journey forward looked bleak for this other-wise active young man. At this point Facio Maxillary, Head and Neck surgeon Dr. Selvakumar C proposed performing advanced facial reconstruction surgery.

    Reconstructing Maxillofacial defects, both congenital and acquired, is quite challenging for most surgeons due to the region's complex anatomy and the cosmetic and functional effects it has on patients. From a functional and aesthetic view, it is imperative for surgeons to accurately restore the defect in a way that will ensure patient satisfaction and well being. Previously, the use of premade alloplastic implants and autogenous graft was often associated with infection, resorption and displacement. Recent technological advancements have led to the use of custom made 3D computer designed patient-specific implants(PSIs) in reconstructive surgery. With PSI, even the total temporomandibular joint replacement (Jaw joint) and post cancer surgical defect of Face and Jaws is possible.

    In October 2021, once the patient's condition had stabilized after the two surgeries he was prepped for Facial Reconstructive surgery. The first step was to take a 3D CT-Facial Bone scan to assess facial defects and to also design customized implants. The PSI for both left and right face was fabricated along with Implant supported Maxillary prosthesis (upper jaw). Total Facial Reconstruction surgery was carried out by Dr. Selvakumar. There were no complications and the depressed uneven face was corrected cosmetically keeping as close to the original morphology of the patient as possible. The next most important part was to reconstruct the upper jaw to enable the patient to eat and speak. This complex procedure was taken up in December 2021. The maxillary prosthesis was fabricated and fixed with the facial prosthesis with the implant support. Eventually the patient was able to speak better and eat normally. After months of struggle, Sravankumar had finally recovered.

    Several cases of mucormycosis in people with COVID-19 have been increasingly reported world-wide, especially in India. The primary cause for Mucorales spores to germinate in people with COVID-19 is the ideal environment of low oxygen (hypoxia), high glucose (diabetes, new onset hyperglycemia, steroid induced hyperglycemia), acidic medium (metabolic acidosis, diabetic ketoacidosis), high iron levels and decreased phagocytic activity of white blood cells due to immune-suppression coupled with other shared risk factors including prolonged hospitalization with or without mechanical ventilators. Thus a carefully planned, step by step, multidisciplinary team approach with judicious use of medications will help patients affected with COVID 19 recover even from fatal infections such as Mucormycosis.

    Thanks to the dedication and immense effort of the doctors at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, today Sravankumar is living a healthy and normal life. The patient-first attitude is what drives every member of Dr. KMH - inspired and inculcated in each and every one by the chairman, Dr. TG Govindarajan.

  • Jul 7, 2021
    paediatric child care

    A new-born infant went through a one-of-its-kind surgery in the neonatal unit of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital and has recovered fully. After 100 days of intensive care, the new-born had to be taken in for surgery for Persistent Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia.

    Kannan and Nivitha were blessed with a lovely baby girl earlier this year. However, their joy was short-lived. Four hours after birth, the attending nurse noticed that the new-born had turned blue from lack of oxygen. The neonate had stopped breathing and was immediately rushed to the Neonatal ICU at the hospital. She was revived but the situation was quite dire when she was tested with hypoglycemia or extremely low blood sugar levels. The NICU staff headed by Dr. Vaideeswaran (Consultant Neonatologist) started her off on IV glucose but the new-born's sugar levels remained dangerously low. Glucose Infusion Rate was raised from 6 to 8 mg/kg/min, then 10 mg/kg/min and finally 12 mg/kg/min. With insulin levels soaring she was diagnosed with Persistent Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia.

    Explains Dr. Vaideeswaran, 'Persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia in a neonate is relatively rare. Immediate treatment is absolutely necessary in order to save the child from long lasting severe neurological damage. If the situation does not improve it could lead to mental or psychomotor retardation and even prove life-threatening.'

    The new-born remained in the NICU for 100 days where her glucose levels and other vitals were constantly monitored. Understanding that every minute counts, the team of doctors at the hospital embarked on an investigative route to find the best suited treatment modality - genetic analysis, endocrine work-up and trials with Hydrocortisone, Diazoxide and Octreotide. The DOTA NOC scan that was conducted revealed Diffuse Nesidioblastosis which is characterized by excessive insulin production by pancreatic beta cells that have an abnormal microscopic appearance. This diagnosis indicated that the only way to save the baby was Total Pancreatectomy. The parents who were already in a state of emotional trauma, had misgivings on the impact of surgery on their new-born and if she would survive it. Multiple hypoglycemic episodes indicated the urgent need for surgery. The new-born's condition worsened and she needed to be ventilated twice for Aspiration Pneumonia and Pericardial Effusion. Realising that the drugs and the IV glucose was not giving satisfactory responses, the parents finally consented to surgery.

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital's Paediatric Surgeon Dr. Moorthy headed the surgery, and a Total Pancreatectomy was performed on the three-month old baby. This kind of procedure on an infant involves high risk and needs to be conducted with absolute precision. The surgery was a complete success and when she was finally discharged, she was well on her way to recovery. The parents were more than happy to show their gratitude to the doctors and staff at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital who left no stone unturned to save their baby with a token of love.

    Speaking about the 100-day long treatment and the successful surgery, Dr. Vaideeswaran says, "After the procedure, the baby is doing fine. She has not had any hypoglycemic episodes and her periodic check-ups have also shown that she is in good health now. Surgery was the only option to ensure she did not sustain a neurological damage that would impede her growth and development. She does need to come in for monthly check-ups because we need to ensure she is achieving developmental milestones and monitoring her sugar levels is a long-term requirement. If at all she develops diabetes in childhood, it can definitely be managed. We are happy to have been able to help her battle this condition and come out healthy."

    About Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital was established in 2005 by Dr. TG Govindarajan, Founder and Chairman. It is a 75000 square feet 300 bedded multi-specialty hospital at Pallikaranai, Chennai. The hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and expert doctors in every department besides 24/7 emergency services, pharmacy, online consultation, high tech diagnostic and imaging facilities, fully sanitized premises and a support staff that does not hesitate to go the extra mile. The mission of the hospital is to provide quality health care to everyone and it strongly stands by the same.

    For details please visit: Paediatrics

  • Aug 29, 2021
    oncology cancer treatment

    TN Minister For Medical & Family Welfare Thiru MA. Subramanian Inaugurates Elekta Infinity, The State Of Art Linear Accelerator Cancer Radiotherapy Equipment At Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals, Pallikaranai. Thirumathi Thamizhachi Thangapandian MP & Thiru Aravind Ramesh MLA also participated in the event as the Guests of Honour.

    This Equipment is the only Linear Accelerator in Tamil Nadu to be equipped with Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) feature that protects Heart, Lungs and surrounding tissues which move with natural respiration while treating Breast and Lung Cancers

    Chennai, 29th Aug. 2021: Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals inaugurated Elekta Infinity, its newly commissioned Linear Accelerator and the latest cutting edge technology in Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment. The facility was inaugurated on August 29, 2021 by HON'BLE THIRU MA. SUBRAMANIAN, Minister for Health and Family welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu in the august presence of THIRUMATHI THAMIZHACHI THANGAPANDIAN, Member of Parliament & THIRU ARAVIND RAMESH, Member of Legislative Assembly, Sholinganallur (Guests of Honour).

    Dr. T.G. Govindarajan, Founder Chairman and Managing Director spoke about the genesis of this Hospital tracing its dedication especially to Cancer Treatment and its bid to break the hitherto handheld myth that cancer was incurable and its determined mission driven by a passion to make cancer treatment available to all strata of the Society at affordable cost levels. According to Dr. T.G Govindarajan, The Elekta Infinity Linear Accelerator with its varied applications and add on features which has been installed at a total cost of around Rs. 20 Crores is arguably the finest quality of Radiotherapy Equipment available today and a real boon to Cancer Patients. Among its highlights, it is the only machine in Tamil Nadu to have been uniquely equipped with Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) feature which ensures that the normal and healthy tissues surrounding the Heart, Lungs and other organs that move with natural respiration are protected from beams of radiation while treating Breast and Lung cancers.

    Dr. T.G. Govindarajan also briefed the gathering on the subtle and salient features of this Equipment. The Elekta Infinity offers Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), a novel Radiotherapy Technique delivering Speed and utmost precision in treating the tumour to the millimetre precision with negligible damage to the surrounding tissues. Besides this, it has other features like Active Breathing Coordinator ™ for Respiratory motion management, BodyFIX ® patient immobilization for Precise patient positioning and immobilization, Fraxion ™ for Patient-Specific Cranial Immobilization and Symmetry ™ for 4D tumor Position visualization all of which ensure delivery of high doses in short periods of time thereby reducing the duration of the treatment and increasing its efficiency. This state of art equipment can be used in treatment of Breast Cancer, Uterine Cervix Cancer, Brain Tumors, Prostate Cancer, Tumors in the Liver & Lungs and even Pediatric Cancers.

    Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals' Oncology team is a dedicated 40-member team of Doctors, 20 from Radiation oncology, five each from Surgical oncology and Medical oncology, and 10 Senior consultants from Neurosurgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Urology, Gastroenterology Pulmonology, Radiology Pathology, Thoracic Surgery and Geriatrics. They cover both diagnostics and treatment methodologies namely surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The Hospital provides total cancer care under one roof and each member of the team has a contribution at different points of time in the treatment of cancer. No stone is left unturned to ensure the patient recovers fully.

    To make this high end treatment available to all sections of Society, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals also offers this under the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance (Tamil Nadu Government's Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam).

    For more details visit www.drkmh.com/linac