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Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is a 300 bedded tertiary health care provider located at Pallikaranai in South Chennai, committed to a higher objective of delivering ultimate quality of health care with utmost excellence and personal care. Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is a nationally recognized forerunner and one of the premier institution in providing Cancer and Cardiac care. Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital houses highly educated scholars across all the specialities who are globally trained, equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure to deliver holistic medical service across the clock, around the year.

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Being well is the best jewel. Health is the most primary investment to lead a joyful life. At recent times, staying fit and leading a healthy life has become everybody’s priority and aspiration. While we understand that “Prevention is better than cure” on one side, the dubious nature of nature leaves us puzzled teaching the limitations of prevention, on the other side.

Given this unpredictability in health and life, we at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital have set up to support and serve you better at any of your difficult times, be whatever it may. Our tertiary healthcare services was established and designed with all age groups in mind offering all speciality outpatient and inpatient services with infrastructure including diagnostic, pharmacy, blood bank and other support emergency facilities at your convenient location under one roof.

All our expert consultants are registered, certified, well experienced and have acquired advance knowledge across platforms by global travel and collaboration. They are also complemented by a team of highly trained physician assistants, registered nurses and medical staff.

Our tertiary health care services include, but not limited to:

Key Specialities
  • Cardiology

    Our team of expert cardiologists are highly trained on both non-invasive and interventional cardiology

  • Diabetology

    Diabetes is a disease occurs in which your blood glucose/sugar levels are too high

  • ENT Ear Nose Throat

    Ear, Nose and Throat consultants have a wide range of experience in any type of Ear

  • Gastroenterology

    We have a team of highly qualified consultant gastroenterologists who can perform diagnostic

  • Nephrology

    A physician who has undertaken additional training and board certified to become an expert

  • Neuro Surgery and Trauma Care

    Our team in KMH is specialized with the advanced techniques for treating serious neurological

  • Neurology

    Our Neurological team of medical, surgical and research Neuro specialists dedicated to the treatment

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    A woman health requirement changes as they pass through different stages in life

  • Orthopaedics

    Our Orthopaedic clinic provides full multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment

  • Paediatrics

    Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital provides the ultimate quality healthcare to infants, children

  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction.

  • Pulmonology

    Pulmonology is a medical speciality that deals with diseases involving the respiratory tract

  • Rheumatology

    we have considerable expertise in the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases

  • Transplant Surgery

    The Kidney Transplant Unit at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is one of the pioneers

  • Urology

    Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the human urinary system

  • Oncology

    Our human body is a combination of different types of cells.

Master Health Checkup


“Prevention is better than cure” is indeed an impeccable old saying prevailing across geographies, languages and cultures. The act of prevention is not anymore an idea to contemplate, but a 'must-to-do' act amid this evolving lifestyles and emerging illnesses of today. Performing periodic health check-ups has now become an imperative and pre-emptive task for a worriless, health and happy life.

We at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital have custom designed a range of comprehensive health check programmes covering different age groups and disease profiles, for all your well-being.

At Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, we provide a dedicated infrastructure facility for personal attention, care and comfort. A detailed assessment of your medical history and a clinical examination will be taken by an expert physician specialized in preventive health care and you will be advised with super speciality consultants wherever required. Your health care reports will be shared within a span of 24 to 36 hours.

Elder Care
Welcome To DrK Elder Care

Geriatrics or Geriatric medicine is a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people. It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

  • Geriatrician Visit
  • Phsiotheraphy Home
  • Nursing Care
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Minor Procedures
  • Home Environment
  • Geriatrics Online Consult
International patients


Our commitment in providing quality service to our international patients is thoroughly designed to exceed expectations. We offer a customized approach to provide individual attention and care for every international visiting guest. As we co-ordinate internationally across borders, we understand and can anticipate your needs. A dedicated team of co-ordinators from our international wing will assist you during all phases of your stay and care.

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital welcomes all the international patients looking to be treated at our hospital. Our commitment in providing quality service to our international patients are thoroughly designed to exceed expectations in our hospital to make you feel as your home.

Our Consultants

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What People Say

  • Dr. Sivaranjani and her team did excellent job to give great relief to my sister Saroja. Doctors are very kind, very helpful and they give lot of support to the patient. Para medical staff worked well day and night. They are also very kind and helpful. Hospital is maintained very neat and clean. We are satisfied in all respects. God bles them all.

    Sita Ram Meduri
  • I was diagnosed with Giant Haemangioma – Liver , Dr.Mahesh Sundaram performed the removal surgery last month . He is a doctor who listens cares & explains in detail about the issue and proposed solution clearly. During the treatment I always felt I am in safe hands. I express my sincere thanks to Dr.Mahesh Sundaram for the pre & post-operative care & guidance. Thanks again Doctor…

    Krishnamurthy Balasubramanian
  • Excellent service and efficient professionals. Infrastructure and service was affordable, more than satisfying. I have admitted my mother for Cancer surgery (MRM surgery) and surgery. Pre and post medial treatment were fastastic. Cashless hospitalization went without any issues from the hospital and insurance cell is awesome. One of the best places to get medical advice from reputed professionals.

    Sivashankar Jagadeesan
  • I am sharing my experience about this Hospital when my kid is admitted here. My daughter has been admitted here for a serious illness for which the doctors took proper care and treated her well. Diagnosis is good and done in a rightful way follow up by doctors is appreciable my kid was continuously monitored and vitals were being checked and reported. Last but not least the nurses in ICU are attentive and responsive, rooms are well maibtsibed. Overall our experience is good.

    Padmaja Kamalakannan
  • Had an emergency, the way emergency doctors n staff responded was good. The doctors treating me Dr. Kumar was very good informing about all the treatment process. The nursing care was excellent, which I suppose is the backbone of the hospital. Our best wishes to serve the needy n backward of our society.

    Davidson Jebaseelan
  • Hospital arrangements are fine. My mother admitted for cancer treatment and the staffs looking after my mother very well. The nursing staffs giving special effort to my mother and recover her in quick time.

    BalaSekar Babu
  • Very responsive. Started treating as soon as we landed. Doctors were very helpful and explained the treatment being given. Rooms were neatly maintained and nursing care was excellent too. Would definitely recommend others!

    Ela Viswanathan
  • The hospital is really good in terms of the care given and cleanliness. Hightlyexperienced doctors and caring nurses. Overall it was a good experience getting our illness cured from KMH hospital. Highly recommended.

  • My husband was admitted with dengue fever. Initially his platelets was dropping and it started to increase. Very good support from nurses and good hygience. I always recommend kamakshi hospital for any health issues. Doctors are also good comparatively.

    Hallina Stalin
  • My father in law was an inpatient at this hospital for 12 days. His experience was pleasant. The interactions with the doctors was very good. Follow up care by each specialist was well done. Most of the nurses were very welcoming and took good care. One improvement is in the way they serve the food, could be brought in better containers, as food came spilled and broken container twice. Other than this everything was very convineient and comfortable.

    Manisha Madhavan
  • Excellent service. Clean and well maintained rooms. Prompt atention from everyone – doctors, nurse, dietician. Hassle free experience. A big thumbs up.

    Sathish Krishnamurthi
  • Overall service is good. Hospital has great facility which really help to do timely support to patients. Nurses are well qualified to support the crisis. Infrastructure is good and they have robust team to do periodic check.

    Raja Kannappan
  • The best hospital for child birth. I had awesome experience with Dr. Sivaranjini. She helped me sooo much. The care the staff n nurse’s took were incredible.

    lavan k Gopikrishna
  • The doctor Sivaranjini is excellent in her consulting and her team members are very caring. Ward nurses are good and few follow ups are needed for few request to get completed in time.

    Dimple Darling
  • I am very delighted on the service of kamakshi hospital. The nurse and all the Staffs are kind. And especially the treatment is good and be provide in time and also with care. Thanks to kamakshi hospital for better service. Wishes to continue this forever.

  • Doctors and nurses are really nice and take good care of the patients. Cleanliness is also good. Well equipped labs.

    Asim Ali
  • Very good work. Caring... Clean and well organized.Nurse’s did a great job by timely care for kids recovery...Housekeeping was very good... Food was carefully prepared for my kids and that helped a lot for his health recovered.. Thank to everyone supported for my kids quick recovery.... Thanks again...

    Albert Virgin
  • Received good response from Doctor. Proper arrangements in operation theater. Doctors were attended patiently for all the issues. Nice follow-ups. Sisters were also attended Patients with full heatedly.

    Anuradha Krishnamoorthy
  • Had our first baby delivered here. Doctors & staffs are friendly & supportive. Admission & the overall process was smooth & hassle free. Hospital premises is clean & well maintained.

    Sneha SishRath
  • Experienced a very good care to my Mother, start from emergency, ICU, general ward till discharge. Continue the good work... Thanks to all members who has been very supportive in the name of care...