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    Our dead are never dead to us,
    Until we have forgotten them
    - George Eliot.
    Who leads an ideal life on this earth
    Is a man of divine worth
    - Thirukural, v50.


To serve and deliver every patient, 'the ultimate' quality of health care service with utmost excellence and devotion, as we care for our loved ones.


  • Commitment and personal responsibility in every patient's wellness
  • Inventiveness and furtherance in every aspect of medical services
  • Ethical and reliable in every act of work


We the employees at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital as physicians, consultants, technicians, paramedical, support services and management staffs understand our unprecedented foundation story and very sincerely devoted to the vision of delivering ultimate care for all our patients, as we take care of our loved ones.

We at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital understand the indispensable importance of quality health care and hence designed to work within an inevitable framework to deliver quantifiable, measurable and accountable service standards as recommended by national and international medical councils.

We at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital understand that we are destined to serve our patients. We understand that our patient health & wellness is our first priority and foremost responsibility.