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Stroke Awareness Camp

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals

Every year on October 29, World Stroke Day serves as a platform to increase awareness of the condition and the enormous burden it takes on the millions of individuals who are both directly and indirectly affected by it globally.

What causes a stroke?

Strokes can be caused by several factors and conditions, including:

  • High blood pressure. This is one of the leading causes of stroke.
  • .Diabetes, cholesterol, smoking. Stroke is more common in people who have diabetes, who have uncontrolled high cholesterol, and who smoke.
  • Infections, conditions, and injuries. People with TB, meningitis, HIV, and people who have sustained head injuries also have a higher risk of stroke.

Sudden weakness, loss of speech, disorientation, vision loss, headaches, and dizziness are symptoms of a stroke. FAST is a shorthand used by the Heart and Stroke Foundation to remind people of the symptoms of a stroke.

  • Face drooping - Ask them to smile, then observe to decide whether one side of their face droops or moves less easily than the other. .
  • Arm weakness - Ask the person to lift both arms and see if they can hold them both up. .
  • Speech difficulty - Ask them to repeat a short phrase and see if they can repeat it without slurring. .
  • Time to call emergency medical services - Record the time the symptoms first appeared and make sure to contact emergency services right away. .

Commemorating World Stroke Day, Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is conducting a Stroke Day awareness camp at a minimal cost of INR 599/-. Camp runs until Oct 31st 9AM - 1PM.

Our team of best neuro-specialists in Chennai will discuss stroke awareness, symptoms, kinds, and warning signals, as well as what to do in an emergency. Patients can participate and share their experiences with the life-threatening disease, which will be beneficial learning for others who are unfamiliar with stroke and its care.

Call our medical emergency services at (44) - 66300500 right away, if you notice somebody exposing any of these stroke symptoms.