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Elderly care assessment care

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Aging is an ongoing process that is divided into two categories: normal aging and usual aging. Normal aging involves inevitable differences that occur due to physical changes in the body. Usual aging refers to typical age-related diseases that occur in older adults, such as high blood pressure and heart disease.


Since the normal aging process cannot be controlled, it is the usual aging process that must be prevented. One may stay active well into their seventh decade and beyond with a balanced lifestyle that combines nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Include regular daily exercise, consume a good diet, keep a healthy weight, stay socially and intellectually engaged, quit smoking, and handle stress.

Dr.K Elder cares approach has a key role in meeting the holistic needs of older adults.

Elder care is not always necessary; in fact, some elderly people can live freely in their later years without ever needing any kind of care. But when a loved one starts having trouble carrying out activities of daily living (ADLs), both securely and independently, elder care frequently becomes a problem. ADLs might involve driving, taking medications, dressing, cleaning, shopping, and so on.

As one of Chennai's top pioneers in elder care, we offer superior care to all seniors just as we do for our own loved ones.

Reasons to consider Dr.K ElderCare

  • To help recover from an ailment, injury, or post-surgery
  • To provide support for toileting and hygiene
  • For preventing falls and injuries
  • To enhance mobility
  • To provide emotional support to the dementia patient
  • For an improved quality of life of senior citizens
  • To retain a sense of identity and independence

Get in touch with us at Dr.K ElderCare at 99400 25000 or https://www.drkmh.com/drk-elder-care.php if your senior loved one is bedridden or ill and need bedside care at home. Our qualified nurses, knowledgeable doctors, and trained caregivers are happy to help you and your senior loved one receive the best caring in the convenience of your home without any problems.