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Lactation Counselor
Lactation Counselor

#1, Radial Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100, Tamil Nadu, India

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    Lactation Counselor
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    1 - 4Years
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 Supports women and families from diverse cultural background.  Assured top line growth for the obstetric unit and Monitor expenses and suggest cost-effective alternatives  Provides individual education and support women during pregnancy, labor and birth, post-partum, gynecology, and operative case.  Facilitates communication between patient, clinical team, and family.  Provides medical updates with the patient and acting as a conduit between the medical team and family unit.  Develops and implement effective policies for all operational procedures  Answer queries from doctors, nurses and healthcare staff and resolve potential issues with patients  Work cooperatively with teams of midwives, obstetrician, multi-specialty consultants and other health care providers to ensure that the care planned to meet patient needs.  Attending ward rounds and liaising with the ward team  Provides with detailed information on what services are available to patient and how to access these services.  Handle confidential information and dealing with enquiries from both patient and other health care professionals.  Arrange childbirth education classes for all pregnancy mothers, husband and birth companion.  Excel in customer care service and computer literate to have good communication and listening skills with the ability to extract clear and accurate information from the patient and family.  Encourage all pregnant women birthing for the first time in Dr. KMH to attend the childbirth and parenting classes offered in the Maternity and newborn health services.  Conducts postnatal class regarding post-delivery cares, Breast feeding (Lactation) and care of Newborn  Improves the quality and clinical outcomes by ensuring that safe patient care is our higher priority.  Helps patients those who have with appropriate private insurance who visited our regular clinic but would like the opportunity to make their stay in hospital a little more comfortable.  Assist the patient with appropriate cover of insurance with the concern of patient will have not out of pocket expense for their hospital stay and procedure (E.g. Hospital accommodation, Investigations, procedures and cesarean, IVF theatre fees).  Explains patient by using their private health insurance for admission, help the patient that will have access to “team” care during their hospital stay, coordinating the continuity of care from the same group of multidisciplinary health professionals, all under the leadership of a consultant.  Facilitates necessary access times and information required for patients to convert to procedure.  Reporting to Head of the Department.

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
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