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Cancer happens when there is an abnormal change to the body cells.

Our human body is a combination of different types of cells. Each cell produces a signal instructing how much and often a cell should be divided ensuring that sufficient cells are produced to keep the body healthy. Abnormality to the cell occurs when right signal has not been sent, causing it to divide and multiply too much. Tumours are either benign or malignant. Benign tumours are not cancerous and neither do they spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumours conversely have the ability to grow and spread to other parts of the body.

Today, millions of people diagnosed with cancer survive and continue to lead active and productive life. Every person is different and our new treatments are changing the outlook of cancer patient. Some patients can be cured and often patients live longer, more good complete than ever before.

Uniquely, at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital a team of very experienced medical oncologists, surgical oncologist and radiation oncologists delivers a combination of cancer treatment procedures that are well understood with low side effects and an improved quality of life, customized for every individual patient.

As an unprecedented leader in the field of cancer treatment, we are the

  • First to introduce PET CT Scan facility in southern Chennai
  • First to deploy CYCLOTRON in Tamilnadu
  • Introduced LINEAR ACCELERATOR in Chennai among private sector
  • First to deploy and treat patients with IGRT / IMRT Linear Accelerators
  • Deliver the most active and effective BRACHYTHERAPY PROGRAM in the state

Our doctors and clinicians are part of multidisciplinary, clinical care teams led by specialists focused on specific cancer types. Our team of experts includes specialists with advanced training and experience in treating specific types of cancer, such as breast, lung, colorectal, gynaecologic, head and neck, blood/hematologic cancers, et cetera.

The doctors are part of an extended team that treats not just the cancer but the whole patient, tailoring each treatment plan to the patient's individual needs.Your cancer care team will be led by a medical oncologist, and depending on your needs, it may also include a surgical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, registered nurses, licensed dietitians, pain management physicians, physical therapists and/or other support providers.

Surgery is the best chance of cure, especially if the cancer is localized and hasn't spread. If its evident that the cancer hasn't spread, removal of cancer by surgery would be the primary line of treatment. Our surgeons offer precise surgical approaches, including minimally invasive and reconstructive options.

Our preventive health centre provide counselling and information for families with a history or cancer on inheriting cancer, individual risk, cancer screening and cancer risk reduction strategies.

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