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Snoring Medical Camp

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals

Snoring is the sound made by vibrations of the soft tissue of the airway (mouth, nose and throat). It is caused by turbulent airflow that occurs during inspiration when there is a partial obstruction or narrowing anywhere from the tip of the nose to the voice box. When an individual is awake, there is muscular tone holding the airway open. This reduces during sleep and explains why snoring is not present when an individual is awake

Should I Worry if I Snore?

Are you finding it harder to stay awake during the daytime? Getting what you thought was a full night's sleep but waking feeling as if you haven't been refreshed at all? Does your partner complain about your snoring? If so, and you are additionally experiencing some other symptoms, you may well have a disorder that is increasingly common and potentially quite serious - Sleep apnea. Put simply, this means that your breathing will be interrupted multiple times a night, disturbing your sleep with micro-interruptions that you may not even recall in the morning. This condition is treatable with advice from an ear, nose and throat doctor but does require careful management in order not to impact your health.

This camp is aimed at investigating and treating such patients. Participate in the camp and get yourself assessed for nasal endoscopy, video laryngoscopy with expert ENT consultation at a very nominal price.