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    Department of
    Paediatric Psychiatry

About Paediatric Psychiatry

The Paediatric Psychiatry department at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital provides expert evaluation and treatment for wide range of emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems to children and teens includes mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychiatric disorders, severe disruptive behavior, suicide attempts etc. The department provides special service care to the children undergoing treatment in the hospital for their emotional and behavioural needs.

The dedicated team in the hospital includes psychiatrists, psychologists, healthcare professionals and child life specialists. The treatment program makes active participants of the parents in the treatment throughout the child's stay.

The treatment program offers developmentally appropriate therapeutic activities for the children in a closed supervised environment. We also offer specialized assessment for the children which includes neuropsychological testing, speech and language testing and occupational therapy assessments. The treatment plan typically includes combination of individual psychotherapy, family counseling, behaviour management and medications.

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