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About Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric Cardiology is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of the children with heart conditions. As well as expertise in heart disease, paediatric cardiologists also need a thorough grounding in general paediatrics, in order to provide all-round patient care.

Dr. Kamakdhi Memorial Hospital Paediatric Cardiac Care offers state of art care and management of children with cardiac problems. This includes holistic care to the children in congenital heart disease (present at birth), arrhythmias (variations in heartbeat rhythm), disturbances of circulatory function, cardiac failure in infants and children, fetal cardiac abnormalities, therapeutic paediatric cardiac interventional procedures, complex neonatal surgical intercardiac repairs, minimally invasive intracardiac repairs and single ventricle palliative procedures.

We also provide outpatient screening and review of children or newborns with suspected congenital or acquired heart disease, including investigation of cardiac murmurs, dysrhythmias and chest pain.

Various paediatric conditions treated in Dr.KMH includes:

  • Cardiovascular collapse in infancy
  • Cardiac failure in infants and children
  • Cyanosis in the newborn and beyond (where the skin has a bluish tinge, due to lung or circulatory problems)
  • Children with heart murmurs
  • Children and adolescents with chest pain, palpitations, or fainting
  • Patients with congenital heart disease
  • Cardiovascular abnormalities in neonatal intensive care
  • Fetal cardiac abnormalities
  • Paediatric cardiac transplantation
  • Assessment of children prior to cardiac surgery
  • Assessment of children with cardiac disease who are undergoing non-cardiac surgery
  • Management of critically ill children with cardiac problems

Procedures and interventions in the Paediatric Cardiology department of DR. KMH includes,

  • electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • advanced imaging - CT/MRI
  • diagnostic and therapeutic catheterisation
  • exercise testing
  • cardiac event recording
  • chest x-ray
  • balloon atrial septostomy - a small hole is created in the upper two chambers of the heart to increase oxygen saturation
  • paediatric cardiac transplantation
  • ultrasound scans of the heart
  • transposition of the great arteries

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