About Neonatology

The Department of Neonatology in Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital provides health care to recognize and treat the neonate (a baby born from birth to four weeks). It is equipped with the leading technology and improved its standard to multi speciality conditions for the preventive and curative aspects of the neonate's health.

Dr.KMH provides the medical care across four integrated facilities like consulting services, regular nursery care, pre-mature birth care and treatment of babies from mild to severe illness with the specialized neonatologists and other health care professionals for around the clock.

The department has well equipped neonatal intensive care unit with neonatal ventilation to protect the newborn babies during the illness and respiratory distress. The dietician and lactation consultant in the hospital will support and enough suggestions to the mothers of newborn babies in breast feeding.

The physicians from other specialties like paediatric cardiology and paediatric surgery will also support the neonatologists in the hospital during critical care of the newborn babies.

Babies who require intensive care or surgery will be looked after at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Babies who do not require intensive care will be looked after on neonatal unit. With the best of faculty and paramedical staffs and state of art technology, NICU in our hospital will act swiftly in providing life support for all neonatal illnesses around the clock. The dietician and lactation consultant in NICU of KMH will support the mothers in breast feeding.

The specialty services offered in Neonatal Care Unit of Dr. KMH includes:

  • An integrated neonatal unit where babies receive specialist medical and surgical intensive care.
  • Highly trained nurses, including a surgical nurse specialist and a team of Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners.
  • Specialist multi-professional paediatric surgical services - including general surgery, ENT, neurosurgery, and urology.
  • Weekly neonatal follow-up clinic.
  • Specialist neonatal developmental clinic for babies born before 30 weeks gestation.
  • Monthly neonatal respiratory clinic for infants with chronic lung disease and congenital lung lesions.

Our hospital has all the necessary facilities and staffing to deliver high quality and up-to-date care to newborn babies and supportive care to babies and parents during the stages of recovery.

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