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Anaesthesiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the relief of pain and sensation in the brain of the surgical patient before, undergoing and after surgery. The physician who administrates anesthetic is called Anaesthetists and they also know as pain management specialist or pain medicine specialists. Anaesthetists play a pivotal role in managing multiply injured trauma patients, stabilizing them before they go through to the operating theatres.

Various types of anaesthetics are described below:

  • Local anaesthesic that numbs the sensation in applied site of the body. During this time, patient will stay awake and alert.

  • Regional anaesthesic, which is injected into the epidural space of the spinal cord and blocks the pain in the abdominal, genital and pelvic area. It is used during the childbirth and gynecology surgery.

  • General anaesthetic, which causes loss of consciousness to the injected patient. After that patient do not know the pain sensation and do not remember the procedure afterwards.

  • Epidural anaesthesia is a type of regional anaesthetic usually used to numb the lower half of the body; for example, as pain relief during labour and childbirth.

  • Spinal anaesthetic is a type of regional anaesthetic used to give total numbness lasting about three hours to the lower parts of the body so surgery can be safely carried out in this area.

  • Sedation is medication that makes you feel sleepy and relaxes you both physically and mentally; it's sometimes used to keep you calm during minor, painful or unpleasant procedures.

Local anaesthetics and general anaesthetics are two commonly used types of anaesthetics. Different types of anaesthesia can be used in combination. For example, a regional anaesthetic can be used with a general anaesthetic to relieve pain after an operation. A sedative is also sometimes used with a regional anaesthetic to help you feel relaxed and calm during an operation, as well as pain-free.

Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals (KMH) has got the separate department for Anaesthetics with the multi-specialty standards which help in the palliative care. The anesthesiology team plays a major role in the complex and complicated surgeries by providing pain and symptoms reliefs to the patients.

Our range of specialities in Anaesthetics includes:

  • Acute Pain Management
  • Ambulatory Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia for Liver Transplantation
  • Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Neuroanesthesia
  • Obstetrical anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia

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