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About Accident and Emergency

Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital (KMH) plays a major role in trauma care and emergency health services for around the clock in order to treat the patients coming to the hospital in accidental and emergency situations. The department provides clinical services to treat the range of problems with which patients from the life-threatening conditions to minor injury and illness, in all age groups from babies to the elderly.

The department in Dr.KMH is specialized with high quality intensive care units supported by trained doctors, paramedical professionals, all life saving equipments with leading cutting edge technologies, swift ambulance services in order to save the life of the individuals in times of accidents, heart attacks, paralytic strokes and other life threatening circumstances.

The hospital is designed with dedicated entrance to facilitate the transfer of patients from stretcher to wheel chair as an easy accessible service to fasten the responses in accidental and emergency cares. All the medical and paramedical professionals are well trained to provide support to lay first aid and life support in terms of critical care. The hospital has 24x7 accesses to Imaging Services (including CT, MRI, Ultra Sound Scan, Fluoroscopy and Digital X-Ray), Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Blood Bank, and Clinical laboratory services for monitoring, investigating, and evaluation during acute emergency.

Dr.KMH is ready to handle mass capacity of causality in the accidental and emergency care by cutting down the waiting time for the treatment with the additional equipments and 24x7 dedicated services of healthcare professionals for the lifesaving of the patients.

We offer two types of Accidental and Emergency Care Services

  • Adult Care Emergency Service will respond immediately to those people who are acutely ill, or have life or limb threatening problems. A dedicated team seeks to provide a high level of patient care, ensuring that our patients are assessed, treated and admitted and discharged within the possible time. The department manages everything from minor injuries, life threatening medical emergencies such as strokes and heart attacks, severe life or limb threatening injuries such as those from car accidents, and other less severe medical conditions such as abdominal pain. The department exists to undertake the prompt diagnosis and treatment of all acute emergencies.

  • Child Care Emergency Service: Trauma is always unexpected and when it happens to children, it becomes unacceptable. A sudden injury, hospitalization and recovery can cause anxiety, fear and frustration. You may feel confused and frightened by some things you hear and see in the hospital. You may not understand some of the words people use. The experience of advanced medical care may be a completely new world for you. Do not worry, we are here to help.

The Paediatric Emergency Department at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital offers the only children's advanced trauma centre and L4 paediatric intensive care unit in the southern Chennai region. Certified paediatric emergency physicians, supported by physicians in all paediatric subspecialties, treat critically ill and injured children 24 hours a day. Our team members have all the right credentials to provide excellent care and a better patient experience in our caring, family-centred environment.

Our state of the art paediatric facility open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year includes,

  • A full service Paediatric Emergency Department
  • A completely equipped Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
  • The most comprehensive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Paediatric Surgery Center
  • High Risk New Born Clinic
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Paediatric Imaging Service
  • Clinical Laboratory Service
  • Specialized Paediatric Ambulatory Services

24/7 - Emergency & Trauma Care Services

We offer round-the-clock comprehensive emergency care services and operate as Chennai south zone most preferred trauma center to treat the highest level of any critical injury. Patients have access to all major medical emergency facilities like Catheterization Lab, Stroke Unit, Level III NICU, Labor & Delivery Unit, Burn Center, Toxicology care unit and Disaster Medicine.

24/7 - Intensive Care Services

Our infrastructure, treatment and communication processes in the intensive care unit are designed to provide maximum comfort to patients and their families. ICU is round-the-clock operational with highly trained Intensivists, Critical Care Nurses and other health care professionals.

We are equipped with,

  • Level 2 General ICU for Adults
  • Level 2 Cardiac ICU
  • Level 2 Paediatric ICU
  • Level 3 ICU for Transplant
  • Level 3 Neonatal ICU

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