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About Transplant ICU

Transplant ICU at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital plays a major role during the pre-transplant and post-transplant phases. It provides multidisciplinary approach in critical care for critically ill patients with end-stage liver diseases, fulminant hepatic failure, acute alcoholic hepatitis, gastrointestinal bleeding and other complications related to liver disease.

Our well trained team members provide life support for kidney, liver and pancreas transplant patients. The facilities in TICU include extensive monitoring, ventilator care and critical care support by the trained healthcare professionals with the knowledge of advanced technology.

Procedures we carry out in TICU include

Kidney transplantation is performed using kidneys retrieved from either deceased ('cadaveric') or live organ donors. The transplant procedure may be performed on patients with kidney failure due to a large variety of causes, but the most common are diabetes, inherited polycystic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis.

Liver transplantation is performed on those patients who have either chronic or acute liver failure. The liver transplant team consists of surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and nursing staff.

In the transplant intensive care unit (TICU), you will be looked after by our specialist intensive care team. The transplant team will also be closely involved in your care following your surgery whilst you are in the intensive care unit. A nurse will be with you all of the time to monitor your heart, blood pressure and breathing, and to make sure you are comfortable. You will also be given pain relief. We follow strictly follow the ethical practices in the transplantation surgeries.

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