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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy department at Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital helps to restore movement and function for the patients affected by injury, illness or disability. KMH has specially-trained physiotherapists to give advice on movement, exercise and physical activity in order to improve the patient's health and to strengthen the specific parts of the patient's body.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that aims to improve joint and muscle function. It can help relieve pain and enhance movement. Physiotherapy is also used to restore function and fitness. This includes flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

  • A physiotherapist is a registered health care professional. They specialise in maintaining and improving movement and mobility.
  • They use 'hands-on' techniques to relieve symptoms. This can include massage, mobilisations, and electrotherapy. They also give advice and prescribe exercise to support recovery.
  • Physiotherapists can help injuries affecting the muscles, joints, and nervous system.

Dr. KMH offers two types of physiotherapy services

  • General Physiotherapy
    offers various specialty services for both the inpatients and outpatients in recovering process with the latest technologies. It will also help the people of all ages in wellness and mobility through education, exercises and manual therapies. We are specialized in treating the problems in bones, joints and soft tissues like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and sports injuries.

  • Sports Physiotherapy:
    Our sports physiotherapy team offers you high quality treatment for your injuries which stops you from training and daily work outs in sports. We have a wide range of expertise and can help get you back on track. We work with professional, amateur and recreational athletes across Chennai.

We also provide personalized care and faster healing process through home physiotherapy by our certified, specialized and experienced physiotherapists. This service helps our patients to get treatment in the comfort of their home and also avoids the risks of travelling all the way to see a physiotherapist.

Our physiotherapy department in Dr. KMH offers wide of range services through Electro Therapy includes (but not limited to):

  • Interferential Therapy (IF)
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Ultra Sound Therapy (UST)
  • Short Wave Diatherapy (SWD)
  • Wax Therapy (WT)
  • Electrical Stimulation (ES)
  • Intermittent Cervical Traction (ICT)
  • Continuous Pelvic Traction (CPT)
  • Continuous Cervical Traction (CCT)
  • Cyro Theraphy (CT)

Our treatment for Frozen Joint syndrome or Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen Joint syndrome or Adhesive Capsulitis is a painful disorder that causes decreased range of motion in a joint. This is thought to be caused from chronic inflammation, scarring, thickening and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the joint.
There are two major types:

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Frozen Knee

Our Physical Therapy includes such exercises as passive stretching and external rotation, forward flexion of arms while lying down and stretching your arm across the front of your body.

KMH also offers counseling to patients and their family members in order to provide the physical and emotional support in the rehabilitation program.

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