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About Pharmacy

The main aim of the pharmacy in the Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is to selection, prescription, delivery, administration and review of medications to optimize patient outcomes. The pharmacy in the hospital will function around the clock for throughout the year for dispensing medicines for the inpatients and outpatients to provide high quality pharmaceutical care.

Our pharmacy store is situated at the basement. Bulk stocks of all the medicines and surgical items are stored in the pharmacy stores. Medicines are procured from companies that set standards in quality. These include standard companies with good credentials.

The dispensing at the pharmacy counters is done by the pharmacists after carefully checking the medicines individually with the prescription.

The medicine requirement of special ward patients is handled by a dedicated billing and dispensing counter. Online prescriptions received at this counter are handled by a team of pharmacists and support personnel.

Our pharmacists in Dr. KMH are well trained to educate both the patients and other healthcare professionals about the safe and effective use of the medicines in the hospital.

The dedicated pharmacists and supporting staffs are effectively trained in order to manage medicine requirements for the patients in emergency and ICU cases. The drug counselor in the pharmacy will help the outpatients coming to the hospital about the intake of prescribed medicines, dosage and its adverse effects and drug food interactions.

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