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Our operating suites are set up with the most advanced modular design with fully integrated functions offering a very clean and hygiene operating environment. All our eight operating theatres including the Mini OT are equipped to satisfy high availability and high workability. The working environment for medical staff such as doctors, nurses and technicians considered from the view point of human engineering. Sterility is maintained as high priority across the Operating theatres, Scrubbing area, Patient Preparation, Patient recovery, Change and Storage.

The utmost complex and demanding area in a hospital is its operating suite. A constant flow of extremely clean 'bacteria-free' air is reticulated below positive pressure into the working field and the air pollutants produced the surgery are removed from the site. Our Operating theatre satisfies all the quality condition such as wall, ceiling and slanted panels, seamless workability of electrical equipment's, medical gas system and lighting gears. Highly experienced anaesthetists, technicians and nurses are available round the clock dedicated to patient emergency and wellness.

Our Operating suite are spacious and boast state of the art equipment's like

  • Advanced anaesthesia workstations
  • High quality ceiling mounted operating LED lights of uniform focal length
  • Automated Clean Air System, Including Laminar Air Flow
  • Ultramodern Operating table for all weight categories and surgeries
  • High end surgical monitors and ultra HD display panels
  • C-Arm X-Ray units and others

Specialist surgeons are available to carry out a wide range of surgeries and theatre staff assist the surgeons with procedures. Anaesthesiologists evaluate the patients before the procedure at the Pre-anaesthetic Clinic. They allay the anxiety and concerns of the patient regarding anaesthesia and the procedure. The needs of the patient before and after the procedure are catered to by various paramedical staff. There is a post anaesthesia care unit (recovery room) adjacent to the theatre where patients are monitored after surgery and later shifted to the intensive care unit or the ward.

The Cardiothoracic operating room consists of a heart lung machine which maintains the circulation of blood and the oxygen content of the body. We have an operation theatre dedicated for emergency caesarean sections which is attached to the labour ward to avoid any delay in shifting the patients to the theatre. We also have a theatre devoted for trauma patients. Team in the operating room ensure high standard of cleanliness and hygiene to prevent infections of any sort.

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