About Dialysis

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a form of treatment for patients with kidney failure as a result of kidney disease. It is a process for removing excess water and blood from the body, simulating the work of the kidney. Our 30 station round-the-clock dialysis center is designed to provide utmost comfort and care to the dialysis patients.

We provide the most advanced care in this region for patients in need of dialysis including,

  • Outpatient dialysis
  • Dialysis for patients with end stage renal disease
  • Bedside dialysis for hospitalized patients with acute renal disease
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Speciality dialysis care for high-risk maternity patients
  • Psycho-Social Counselling
  • Consultation with Dietician

We also have an acute dialysis centre at Dr. KMH for in-patients suffering from chronic kidney failure who may have specialist requirements. Our kidney dialysis treatment includes:

  • Haemodialysis is a way of cleansing the blood of toxins, extra salt and fluids through a dialysis machine. It helps maintain proper chemical balance such as potassium, sodium and chloride and keeps blood pressure under control

  • Haemodiafiltration is a form of renal replacement therapy that utilizes convective in combination with diffusive clearance, which is used in standard haemodialysis.

  • Peritoneal dialysis is a form of dialysis that means you can treat kidney failure in the comfort of your own home.

We deliver approximately around 18000 dialysis sessions a year. The centre provides state of art maintenance dialysis in 4 shifts between early mornings to late evenings.

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