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"1 Gives 4 Lives"

Dr.Kamakshi Memorial Hospital (KMH) has one of the finest blood transfusion centers in the Chennai which collects blood, conducts camp and promotes blood donation. Its major aim is to make available adequate amount of high quality of safe blood and its component to any patient for 24x7 in saving the life of them.

Blood transfusion is the safe and common practice which is done in order to replace the amount of the blood lost during the major surgery or in the severe injuries. It is an injection of a volume of blood taken from the healthy donor to the patient through intravenous line in one of the blood vessels.

Dr.KMH has the ultra-model infrastructures and set of medical officers to manage the blood bank.

We, here at the hospital also motivate the voluntary donors about the importance of blood transfusions and educate about the testing of the infections transmitted by the transfusing of blood components.

There are three major types of blood transfusion

  • Red Blood Cells Transfusions may be required if patients develop anaemia (medical term for low haemogloblin or red blood cells).

  • Platelets and Clotting Factor Transfusions may be required if a patients have a low platelet count. The role of platelets prevents or stops bleeding.

  • Plasma Transfusions to replace missing or low levels of blood proteins due to:
    • Medical condition such as liver disease
    • Heart surgery
    • Severe blood loss

  • Apheresis Services:

    The process of apheresis involves removal of whole blood from a patient or donor. Within an instrument that is essentially designed as a centrifuge, the components of whole blood are separated. One of the separated portions is then withdrawn and the remaining components are retransfused into the patient or donor.
    The components which are separated and withdrawn include:

    • Plasma (plasmapheresis)
    • Platelets (plateletpheresis)
    • Leukocytes (leukapheresis)

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